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CDs for sale

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"Normal Guy's Favorites" CD

  • $12 includes shipping

  • My favorites of all the songs I've created

  • Includes some previously unreleased tracks

  • Includes updated, re-mastered and/or re-recorded versions of previously released songs

Track listing:

1. Normal Guy (remastered)

2. Peace (first time on CD)

3. Driving Slowly (Acoustic)

4. Sketching Frame

5. Sufficient (previously unreleased)

6. Church Date

7. The Club (Acoustic)

8. Alarm Clock Blues (remastered, updated with new bass line)

9. Bullet (first time on CD)

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"Consumed" CD

  • $8 includes shipping

  • My first (and only so far) "album"

  • Released in 2018

Track listing:

1. Alarm Clock Blues

2. Driving Slowly

3. Sketching Frame

4. Church Date

5. Keep It Clean

6. Try Me

7. Love Lifted Me

8. Consumed

9. The Club

10. Grandpa's Lessons

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WARNING: THERE IS A SHIPPING CHARGE FOR ITEMS FROM THIS STORE! It is kind of hidden in the price at checkout (I don't like that about the Launch Cart site, and I've contacted them to try to change it!)